[rec.autos.tech] rec.autos.driving -- CALL FOR VOTES

tom@mims-iris.waterloo.edu (Tom Haapanen) (01/02/90)

CALL FOR VOTES:  Create rec.autos.driving (not moderated).

VOTING PERIOD:  Jan. 2 1990 to Jan. 23 1990.


This unmoderated group will be used for discussions about driving
cars and trucks, and about related issues.  These issues include,
but are not limited to, driving techniques and habits, speed limits
and speeding, police radar and radar detectors, roads and routes,
driver education and training, and the use of headlights, foglights
and scanners.

The existing group rec.autos will be used for discussions about
cars and trucks themselves, except for technical issues, which are
discussed in rec.autos.tech.  Discussions about autosport are held
in rec.autos.sport.

[If you wish a summary of the idea and purpose of the group, please
 send email to the vote taker]


Votes must be sent VIA E-MAIL to one of the following adresses:

If you wish to vote YES:
    Internet:		yes-vote@mims-iris.waterloo.edu
    UUCP:		..!uunet!watmath!mims-iris!yes-vote
If you wish to vote NO:
    Internet:		no-vote@mims-iris.waterloo.edu
    UUCP:		..!uunet!watmath!mims-iris!no-vote

The vote taker is Tom Haapanen at University of Waterloo

Clearly indicate whether the vote is for (YES) or against (NO) the
proposal, preferably by adding the vote to the subject line.  

Voting relates to rec.autos.driving as proposed and nothing else; if
you disagree on the proposed name or charter, vote NO or abstain -
conditional votes like "YES if ..." or "NO unless ..." will be
considered void and invalid.

The identity of the voters (E-mail & name) will be extracted from the
letters containing the votes by looking at
(1) the Reply-To: line if present, or
(2) the From: line if it looks OK, or
(3) the signature (hopefully this won't be necessary)

The received votes will not be acknowledged individually; rather, a mass
acknowledgement(s) will be posted in the appropriate newsgroups.

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