[rec.autos.tech] diluting exhaust to pass emission test

eli@spdcc.COM (Steve Elias) (01/18/90)

In article <1144@rsiatl.UUCP> jgd@rsiatl.UUCP (John G. De Armond) writes:
!To those who wrung their hands at the effect of one car on the quality
!of the air "they breathe", I say "Pffffttttt".  Try to get a perspective
!on the situation.

how about the exhaust gases in your "pfffffft", John G?
perhaps you ought to install a catalytic converter, like i have!
it's done wonders for my breath.

!Consider this.  The car in question was equipped with my high mileage,
!high performance package.  Mileage was up from about 22 to 32 mpg 
!as a composite for average driving.  As modified, the car marginally
!met federal standards.  By marginally, I mean that it would barely
!pass the test as built but probably would not stay that way; thus
!the concern for the sniff-test.  Now, which configuration do you think
!polluted less?  The car at 22 mpg from the factory or the modified
!one that missed the standard by a couple of percent but got 32 mpg?

what are the pollution numbers (including CO2) of the vehicle when
it is moving?  the at-idle measurements really don't tell the whole
story -- you're right.

!Just to play devil's advocate, let's take the position of the greenies
!and make the false assumption that CO2 is a pollutant.

what would you call CO2, John G?  a greenhouse gas, perhaps?
do you believe that greenhouse gases should be reduced?
do you believe that thermal runaway is something to worry about?

!The somewhat uninformed comments here in this forum make me even prouder
!of that job.  I gave a customer a good running, high effeciency car
!that fools the CARB nazis and as a side bennie, tweaked the false sensibilities
!of some net.hand-wringers.  

the few.  the proud.  the motorcycle-gun-radiation-NRA dudes.

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rjd@dell.dell.com (Randall J. Davis) (01/18/90)

In article <1261@ursa-major.SPDCC.COM> eli@spdcc.COM (Steve Elias) writes:
|the few.  the proud.  the motorcycle-gun-radiation-NRA dudes.

  Hmmmmm.... I ride a motorcycle and own a gun.   Don't have anything to
do with radiation other than trying to detect radiation in the microwave
range (like 10 and 25 GHz), though....

   So, do we win a prize????

  (An open ended question like that ought to clutter up the net a bit, so
those that just *have* to respond probably ought to restrict the abusive
ones to email....  I don't suppose rec.autos-ists would mind the incredibly
funny ones too much, though :-).

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