[rec.autos.tech] Looking for TurboTimer product

mm@lectroid.sw.stratus.com (Mike Mahler) (02/09/91)

	Would this not be a simple delay circuit utilizing a
	555 timer chip and wired into the ignition switch?

	Can someone hazard a guess as to a simple schematic
	and/or cost?

In article <28585@cs.yale.edu! cagan%ceres@CS.Yale.EDU (Leigh Cagan) writes:
!Can anyone provide the contact information for a company which 
!sells a product called the TurboTimer?  
!This is a device which lets the engine continue to run for 
!some brief period after the key is switched off, allowing 
!oil/coolant to continue to circulate around/through turbo 
!bearings so things don't fry.  (I know you can accomplish 
!the same thing for free, just sitting there, but I usually 
!just want to get on to the place I'm going to.) 
!Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.  


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