[rec.autos.tech] Books & Software for Sale

scharff@ucunix.san.uc.edu (Guillermo Scharffenorth) (05/09/91)

I have the following books and software for sale.  The price is about
half of what I paid:

Turbo Pascal 1.0 (Original Disks and Manual)		$30
	for the Mac

Turbo Pascal Tutor ( "  "     "    "    )		$25
	for the Mac

Multiplan for the Macintosh, with Microsoft CHART
	by David L. Stiff et al, 1st ed.		$6

Introduction to College Mathematics with APL
	by E. J. LeCuyer, 1st ed.			$10

Word Handler (A word processor for the Mac)
	(original Disks & Manual)			$5

Toyota Celica Service Manual
	(covers vehicles from 1978 to 1984)		$12

Using QuickC
	by Werner Feibel				$12

I pay shipping for anything > $10

Please Email directly to me. scharff@ucunix.san.uc.edu or call
(513)559-9141; Ask for "Guillermo"