[mod.mag.fidonet] FidoNET Newsletter, Volume 4, # 6

pozar@hoptoad.UUCP (02/10/87)

     Volume 4, Number  6                               9 February 1987
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     Editor in Chief:                                   Thom Henderson
     Chief Procrastinator Emeritus:                       Tom Jennings

     FidoNews is the official newsletter of the International  FidoNet
     Association,  and is published weekly by SEAdog Leader, node 1/1.
     You  are  encouraged  to  submit  articles  for  publication   in
     FidoNews.  Article submission standards are contained in the file
     ARTSPEC.DOC,  available from  node  1/1.

     Copyright (C) 1987,  by the  International  FidoNet  Association.
     All  rights  reserved.  Duplication and/or distribution permitted
     for noncommercial purposes only.  For use in other circumstances,
     please contact IFNA.

                             Table of Contents

     1. ARTICLES
        The Count is In!  The Official Results on the Bylaws Ballot
        The Power of FidoCast!
        About RECOVERY 125/0 9 31
     2. FOR SALE
        Magazine on Disk for IBM PC and Compatibles
     3. NOTICES
        The Interrupt Stack
        IFNA Elections Committee Formed

     Fidonews                     Page 2                    9 Feb 1987


     ASELAGE KIEFER & CO.                 January 24,1987

     Mr. Ken Kaplan
     International FidoNet Association
     P.O. Box 41143
     St. Louis, Missouri 63141

     Dear Ken,

     This letter will serve as confirmation of our discussion on
     January 23, 1987.

         Total Votes Received               148

         Total Yes Votes                    127

         Total No Votes                      16

         Total Invalid                        5

     This is the official count of the votes as of the cutoff date of
     January 17, 1987.

     As you can see, the ratification was overwhelmingly accepted by
     those who voted.

     I will be in contact with Mark Rubin to follow up on the 501(c)3
     application and will be in touch with you for further
     information, etc.

                                     Yours very truly,

                                     ASELAGE, KIEFER & CO.
                                     Certified Public Accountants

                                     Christopher L Bonfanti

     cc: Mark Rubin


     Fidonews                     Page 3                    9 Feb 1987

     Christopher Baker
     Metro-Fire Fido, 135/14(0)

                           The Power and Perils
                           of Broadcast Appeals

     Below is the text of several messages sent over the Fido Network.
     If you are part of the Mensa or Sysop Echos or a Host in Region
     18, you have already seen them. If you are not, you may find the
     information of interest.

                           ==== Text Begins ====

     Message #19
     Date: 04 Jan 87  22:03:44
     From: Rob Carr on 109/612, The Flying PC, Vienna VA
     To:   All on 135/14, Metro-Fire Fido, Miami FL
     Subj: Help Make a Wish

     Hey,  how about  helping   to  make  a  wish  come   true?
     The   "Make  a  Wish  Foundation" is   asking  people   to
     send  post  cards to a  7-year   old boy  in  Scotland who
     has  leukemia.     His  dream   is  to  get  his  postcard
     collection  into the   "Guinness  Book of World  Records."
     It   only   costs  33   cents   to  mail   a  postcard  to
     Scotland.  The address is:

                       Little Buddy
                       P. O. Box 76
                       Paisley Renschewshire,
                       Scotland, United Kingdom

     Please, when you log onto other  BBS's,  pass this message
     around.  We'll  all be helping to  make this little boy's
     life a whole lot brighter.
     Thank  you from Judi Duda and Lee   Henry of the  "Make  a
     Wish  Foundation"   and  from  Rob  and  Nancy  Carr  (two
     nut-cases with a TRS-80 Model IV).

     Matt. 25:40
     --- v1.36
      * Origin: China Blue BBS * Pittsburgh, PA * (129/28)

     Message #38
     Date: 06 Jan 87  12:14:03
     From: George Falcon on 109/612, The Flying PC, Vienna VA
     To:   Rob Carr on 135/14, Metro-Fire Fido, Miami FL
     Subj: Little Buddy

     Re: Help Make a Wish
     Fidonews                     Page 4                    9 Feb 1987

     Perhaps you didn't see the notification that the "Little Buddy"
     story is an old hoax.  I haven't attempted any verification.

      * Origin: The Falcon's Rock - College Park, Md (109/648)

     Message #87
     Date: 12 Jan 87  16:28:18
     From: Christopher Baker on 135/14, Metro-Fire Fido, Miami FL
     To:   "Wishers"
     Subj: Making a Wish, Part II...

     Message #80  0.25  (RCVD)  (KILL/SENT)
     Date: Mon 12 Jan 87 15:14
     From: David Dodell on 114/15, ST JOES HOSPITAL, Phoenix AZ
     To:   Christopher Baker on 135/14, Metro-Fire Fido, Miami FL
     Subj: WISH.TXT

     Chris - I received a message from the moderator of the Disabled
     conference on Usenet telling me that this message is at least
     2 years old ... it started on Usenet about 1984 and mail has
     been marked returned for years ... you might want to renotify
     everyone ... David

     so FidoNet falls for an old Usenet gag? look for an upcoming
     article in FidoNews on FidoNet and broadcast appeals.
     --- v1.36
      * Origin: Metro-Fire Fido - Miami, FL (135/14)

                            ==== Text Ends ====

     What was this all about, you ask? This was a hoax picked up from
     Usenet (a UNIX conferencing system) and introduced into FidoNet.
     What happened next? I took the message, converted it into a text
     file and broadcast it to the Hosts in my Region (18), IFNA HQ,
     1-3/0, and the Hosts of FireNet and Health Net Echo; with a
     carbon copy back to the originator.

     Within 24 hours this message was making the rounds of the U.S.,
     Europe, and the South Pacific; spreading like crazy from Rangoon
     to Reykjavik (figuratively speaking).

     When the word came in that this old chestnut was ancient history
     on Usenet, the retraction went out with the same speed. As the
     cancellations went out, the power and potential of this affair
     began to dawn on me.

     The International Fido Network represents over one thousand
     publically accessible Nodes, spanning the globe. If every Node
     has only 100 hundred users (very conservative figure), that now
     Fidonews                     Page 5                    9 Feb 1987

     represents 100,000 people who are exposed to anything put into
     the FidoNet. If each one of those users took the information
     (as a hard-copy) and posted it on a company or community
     bulletin board and thereby exposed 10 more people to the
     information, we have reached one million people. Given more
     people in any part of this equation and the possible exposure
     would be even more tremendous. Consider. This thing has been
     been growing by leaps and bounds since its creation but have you
     stopped to reflect on the enormity of what we are doing?

     What we have, in FidoNet, is an incredible, grass roots system
     for communicating world-wide with people and cultures we would
     never touch without it. With the adjuncts of SEAdog and Opus and
     the other systems to come, we have the ability to send NetMail
     anytime, virtually any place. Don't think just of NetMail to a
     Node next door. Think of the possibilities.

     Even though this "wish" was not genuine, the speed and power of
     FidoNet was amply demonstrated. Think of this "joke" as a drill
     that demonstrated that FidoNet is alive and well and READY for
     action. There is something to be gained from this experience.

     What I propose, now, is setting some standards for a broadcast
     appeal entered into the Fido Network, hereinafter referred to as
     a FidoCast(c).[IFNA, you are welcome to this term.]

                1. The message should be labeled as a FidoCast to
                   indicate handling over the FidoNet.

                2. The contents should be verified as genuine by the
                   Sysop/User entering the FidoCast into the system.

                3. The message should contain a contact name and
                   number (Net/Node, telephone, etc.) of some kind
                   for the originator and/or the requestor.

                4. The message should have an expiration and/or an
                   effective date (good idea, David) to indicate how
                   long it has been in the system and when it may be

                5. When received by a Host Node, the FidoCast should
                   be forwarded to all the Nodes that Host is
                   responsible for thus spreading the text as far as

                6. When a FidoCast is posted on a Fido Node, users
                   should be encouraged to capture or download the
                   notice/file and post it to other BBSes or on
                   workplace and community bulletin boards and to
                   pass it on to as wide an audience as possible.

                7. The originator or requestor should provide an
                   update on the status of the FidoCast, i.e., what
                   results were obtained. This report could be in the
                   form of another FidoCast or a FidoNews notice or
     Fidonews                     Page 6                    9 Feb 1987


     FidoCast is a workable method for introducing broadcast messages
     into the FidoNet. The broadcast appeal has worked in the past as
     you may recall from the Canadian appeal for information about
     pediatric breathing disorders entered into the Network from Fred
     Blauer. The costs associated with a FidoCast are minimal if it
     is passed from point-to-point within the normal scope of Host
     or Region to Node traffic, i.e., bundled with FidoNews or with
     Nodediff Polls and pickups. Even if it is sent out from a few
     central points, the cost is still negligible compared to a
     telegram, mailgram or commercial time on radio or television.

     This is only one good way to make FidoNet responsive and
     respectable. It will work because FidoNet Sysops care. They care
     about their systems. They care about their users. They WANT to
     help and often do; without recompense and without hesitation.

     We have just scratched the surface of a communications
     revolution that will rival movable type! (Remember, you heard it
     here, first.)

     Any suggestions or comments are welcome. Respond here or by Net
     Mail to 135/14.


     Fidonews                     Page 7                    9 Feb 1987

                         About RECOVERY 125/0 9 31

                              (415) 621-5206

                             Bob Kovach, sysop

     What is RECOVERY:

          RECOVERY is a Fido BBS committed to the needs of people in
     Twelve Step programs who are in recovery from various addictions
     and compulsive behaviors.  RECOVERY is also a valuable source of
     information and support for for those who think they may have a
     problem with an an addiction or a compulsive behavior.

          The message areas include:

               1) Alcoholics Anonymous
               2) The Closed Meeting
               3) Narcotics & Cocaine Anonymous
               4) Overeaters Anonymous
               5) Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous
               6) Smokers Anonymous
               7) Al-Anon Alateen & ACA
               8) AIDS Network
               9) RECOVERY Network (coming soon)

          The file areas contain meeting listings and various
     information files.  The AIDS file area contains recent articles
     by John S. James of the San Francisco Sentinal.

          Many people have found the help they need and are able to
     use RECOVERY as a tool for personal growth and as a forum where
     they can share their experience, strength and hope with each

          The AIDS Network area has just started and will soon be a
     nationwide conference for people with AIDS and ARC and for
     those who are interested in learning more about the epidemic.

          A similar network for RECOVERY will begin soon.  If you are
     interested in joining either of these echos please let me know.
     I can poll you between the hours of midnight and 3am Pacific
     time if you cannot afford the long distance costs.

     Technical Stuff:

          RECOVERY is running on an XT clone (8 mHz) with 640K and a
     20MB hard disk.  The two nodes are multitasking under DesqView
     with independant mail systems, schedules and phone lines, while
     maintaining common message and file systems and one user file.
     The two phone lines are in hunting and are connected by two Hayes
     1200 external modems.

          The whole system is operating in one directory, except, of
     Fidonews                     Page 8                    9 Feb 1987

     course for the message, file and help subdirectories.  All the
     Fido utilities are in a separate directory with a dos path to
     them.  This enables some order in the Fido root directory.

          How does all this work in one directory with separate
     schedules and mail systems?  A little history first.  At first it
     was just 2 phone lines, one node number and one mail schedule, so
     the /i switch worked fine except for an occasional crash.  I
     suspect the crash was caused by trying to write to user.bbs,
     system.bbs, nodes.bbs or some-such file simultaneously by both

          The next stage was two separate directories with two node
     numbers and separate schedules.  This also meant two user files,
     two system files and two timelog files.  I think you can see the
     nightmare here.  The user file and total number of callers and
     more were totally inaccurate.  A nice man named John Penberthy
     from CHINA BLUE 129/28 saw my plea on the SYSOP echo and sent me
     DPATH.  I was able to have each node in a separate directory with
     DPATH writing to the files that needed to be common.  It worked,
     but that setup brought DesqView to its knees.  It was very slow.

          Then came the inspiration.  I saw that it was possible to
     patch FIDO and it's utilities so that I could rename the files
     that I needed to keep separate.  I used PCTools and searched for
     the file name in FIDO that I wanted to change and changed it.
     Some files appear several times in the FIDO code.  The first name
     I changed was FIDO_IBM.  I changed that to FIDO2IBM so that it
     could find its overlays.  the other files I changed were:

               SCHED.BBS           SCH2D.BBS
               WELCOME1.BBS        WELCOM21.BBS
               MAIL.SYS            MA2L.SYS
               LASTUSER.BBS        LASTUSE2.BBS
               NODES.BBS           NODE2.BBS

          Of course, the new file for the second task is called
     FIDO2IBM.EXE.  The whole procedure is painless and I have patched
     SCANMAIL, TOSSMAIL, ROBOT and other utilities so that they
     recognize the renamed MAIL.SYS.  The utilities don't seem to use
     overlays, so you may rename the patched files anything you like.
     You may use any new file names that you like, as long as the new
     file name is the same number of characters as the original file

          I havn't had any crashes and the system is dependably
     running four separate mail schedules on the two nodes so that I
     can distribute all the incoming mail, nodediffs, fnews and Net125
     echomail without any delay.  I call this whole process 'Blood on
     the Keyboard' but it is really gratifying to see the modified
     system in action.

     About DesqView and FIDO:

          I have not tried DoubleDos or MultiLink, but I know I like
     Fidonews                     Page 9                    9 Feb 1987

     DesqView better if for only one reason.  Windows!  In addition to
     the windows that allow me to see both tasks operating at the same
     time, I can open a DOS window if I need to do some file shuffling
     and not interupt the two FIDOS.  I can cut and paste text between
     windows and create keyboard macros called script files to speed
     some operations.  The user support at Quarterdeck Office Systems
     if knowledgeable and very helpful.  For example, when I asked
     about setting the clocks for foreground and background tasks for
     FIDO, they had information on what the RBBS folks use
     successfully.  5 foreground and 4 background - High Speed Comm.

          They also helped me with a script that allows both tasks to
     start themselves on a re-boot.  Define the ! key the way you
     would start things manually.  When DesqView is started the ! will
     be executed.

          A SI in each window shows about a 1.0 in the foreground and
     0.9 in the background with the clone running at 8 mHz.  It is a
     little jerky appearing as the text comes out, but it is still a
     little too fast for me to read at 1200 baud.  Xmodem transfers
     seem to take normal time.

     I Have Some Questions:

          1.  Is there a fix for the last message read bug?

          2.  My Hayes 1200s can use the X4 option.  Can Fido?

          3.  Is there a way to start Fido without 'Local Console
              Off' when using the /i switch?

          4.  Is it possible to change the privilege for V)ersion to

          5.  Is there a way to make ROUTEGEN recognize a node number
              that is the same as the default net number?

          6.  Where can I get SETMARK?

          I'd like to thank Tim Pozar 125/406, Butch Walker 161/1 and
     John Penberthy 129/28 for their help in getting me this far.  And
     I'd especially like to thank Tom Jennings for providing FIDO and
     for helping me get started in telecommunications three years ago.
     Thank you for taking the time to read this.  Please let me know
     if you would like to join the AIDS or RECOVERY echos.

                       Keep Calling Back, It Works!

                           Bob Kovach 125/0 9 31
                           Voice  (415) 864-5160


     Fidonews                     Page 10                   9 Feb 1987

                                 FOR SALE


     BIG BLUE DISK, the magazine on disk for the IBM PC and
     compatibles, is currently available at Waldenbooks stores and
     many other retail locations, as well as by mail subscription.
     It is contained entirely on a floppy disk.  Each issue contains
     programs, articles, feedback from subscribers, program reviews
     and demos, and more.

     For example, issue 4 (now on sale) contains, as a special bonus
     disk, the latest version of PC-WRITE.  This is not a demo; it's
     a complete, full-featured word processor.

     In addition, here's what else is in BIG BLUE DISK #4:

     - Cribbage Squares: A computerized version of the popular card

     - The Voting Game: A mathematical model showing how random
     changes in opinions can result in supremacy of one party.

     - The Watergate Quiz: Recall events from this turbulent era of
     American history.

     - Job Preference: Match your interests with possible careers.

     - The LS Command: One of the Kramden Utilities; a powerful
     directory list command.

     In addition, there are other programs, articles, and regular
     features, including feedback from our readers.

     You can order this issue by direct mail by sending $9.95 (check,
     money order, or Visa/Mastercard/American Express accepted) to:
     BIG BLUE DISK, DEPT F2, PO BOX 30008, SHREVEPORT, LA 71130-0008.

     Mail subscriptions are also available:  One year (12 monthly
     issues) costs only $69.95.  (A 41% savings over newsstand
     price.)  A six-month subscription is available for $39.95.

     Lots of interesting stuff is coming up; issue 5 contains a
     useful program to index your disk collection, a versatile disk
     file copy command, games, educational programs, and more.
     Subscribe now and don't miss anything.

     BIG BLUE DISK requires an IBM PC or compatible, with at least
     256K and MS-DOS 2.0 or later.  Color graphics is recommended.

     Send questions/comments to Daniel Tobias on FIDO 380/2.


     Fidonews                     Page 11                   9 Feb 1987


                          The Interrupt Stack

     17 May 1987
        Metro-Fire Fido's Second Birthday BlowOut and Floppy Disk
        Throwing Tournament!  All Fido Sysops and Families Invited!
        Contact Christopher Baker at 135/14 for more information.

     24 Aug 1989
        Voyager 2 passes Neptune.

     If you have something which you would like to see on this
     calendar, please send a message to FidoNet node 1/1.


     A new committee has been formed to handle the matter of elections
     to the IFNA Board of Directors.  Bob Morris has been appointed as
     chairman,  and will appoint additional committee  members  as  he
     deems fit.

     Anyone  with  any questions regarding the elections should direct
     them  to  Bob  at  node  141/333.   If  you  are  interested   in
     volunteering  your  services  for  the  Elections Committee,  you
     should contact Bob as soon as possible.


                   TOPICAL TECHMAIL FILES, FidoNews 404
                       Ken McVay, SysOp, Fido 340/20
     I done done it agin, folks! Seems every time I submit something to
     the News, I screw up....The CORRECT telephone numbers for those
     wishing to download topical archives is: 604-758-3072

     The VOICE number is 604-758-4137.

     Files can be supplied in FASTBACK, BAC, or BACKUP format.



     Fidonews                     Page 12                   9 Feb 1987

                 The World's First   /  \
                    BBS Network     /|oo \
                    * FidoNet *    (_|  /_)
                                    _`@/_ \    _
                                   |     | \   \\
                                   | (*) |  \   ))
                      ______       |__U__| /  \//
                     / Fido \       _//|| _\   /
                    (________)     (_/(_|(____/ (jm)

            Membership for the International FidoNet Association

     Membership in IFNA is open to any individual or organization that
     pays  an  annual  specified  membership  fee.   IFNA  serves  the
     international  FidoNet-compatible  electronic  mail  community to
     increase worldwide communications. **

          Name _________________________________    Date ________
          Address ______________________________
          City & State _________________________
          Phone (Voice) ________________________

          Net/Node Number ______________________
          Board Name____________________________
          Phone (Data) _________________________
          Baud Rate Supported___________________
          Board Restrictions____________________
          Special Interests_____________________
          Is there some area where you would be
          willing to help out in FidoNet?_______

     Send your membership form and a check or money order for $25 to:

               International FidoNet Association
               P. O. Box 41143
               St Louis, Missouri 63141

     Thank you for your membership!  Your participation will  help  to
     insure the future of FidoNet.

     ** Please NOTE that IFNA is a general not-for-profit organization
     in formation and Articles of Association and By-Laws were adopted
     by  the  membership  in January 1987.  An Elections Committee has
     been established to fill positions outlined in  the  By-Laws  for
     the  Board  of  Directors.  An  IFNA Echomail Conference has been
     established on FidoNet to  assist  the  Elections  Committee.  We
     welcome your input on this Conference.