[eunet.bugs.4bsd] 4.2 bugs . One found . Wanting the others

ma@nd530.UUCP (01/27/87)

Calling ptrace(2) with a pid < 0 is an easy way to crash
a 4.2 system (like a Sun 3 ).
Ptrace() does not check in the pid is beetween bound before
calling pfind() . Of course, we can say also that pfind()
does not check the pid before hashing it.

We've not been working on 4.2 since very long here, and I
will be glad to get a list of all yet-reported bugs in 4.2.
So, if anyone is able to tell me how I can get such a list
(or best, send it to me at:
		Matra Datasysteme
		R & D
		Parc d'activite de Bois d'arcy
		1 avenue Niepce

thanks to her or him in advance.