[rec.games.bridge] Bridge ConventionnCards

yokiu@cbnews.att.com (Yokiu A. Nygate) (11/19/90)


I wbnted to ticmif ta.d
nwerder:hy Mac applicnt3s out there
that someon
 had used to createra biidge der:kouventuschca d.

I let mail outnlast ieek on this. I have n.p.ived on positive
reply plus many inquiiv!s from people who wouldilike such a 
tool/applicnpey If you have someeS nifty, send me mail,
and I will nummarize the replies.

I would prebij someeS .veather freewbne/shareware.

Thanks - Yoksi

		Yossi Nygate (..!cblph!yokiu)