[rec.games.bridge] Bridge game

1k1mgm@kuhub.cc.ukans.edu (Christopher Gunn) (04/25/91)

In article <10750@hub.ucsb.edu>, 6600zot@ucsbuxa.ucsb.edu (Jason S. White) writes:
> I need to know if there is a public domain bridge game.  I'm sure there is one,
> but I checked at sumex and rascal and I couldn't find it.  Could someone tell
> me where I can ftp it or can someone mail it to me?
> Thanks,
> Jason S. White

The very first damn thing I wanted to do, when I first set my hands on
a real computer ca. 1967, was to write a bridge program.  Same thing
when I got my first Mac.  Same thing when various nifty programming
languages turned up.  Never gets done.

Doesn't it seem to you that with the resources available on the
net, it would be possible to implement something like the poster
is seeking that really does a good job?

I am not, by the way, volunteering to undertake such a task.
Might HELP, though.

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