[sci.math.symbolic] Communication between DOE-MACSYMA and a VMS process, Help!

joeg@lll-lcc.aRpA (Joe P. Garbarini Jr.) (11/10/86)


(Context: VAX/VMS, DOE-Macsyma (referred to as Macsyma below.))

I'm trying to make an application which uses Macsyma transparently to 
the user. I want to be able to communicate between Macsyma and another
process. My first attempt was to try to spawn Macsyma as a subprocess 
with its input and output tied to mailboxes in the spawner. This code
works fine with other codes I have that do their I/O on SYS$INPUT and
SYS$OUTPUT. However, with Macsyma it doesn't work. Macsyma seems to
be using the terminal directly. (When the spawn is given the Macsyma
banner etc. just comes up on the terminal instead of being written to
the mailbox.)

Does anyone know or have any ideas on how I can get an environment set
up to do what I want?

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