[sci.math.symbolic] Vax Macsyma available

lseward@randvax.UUCP (Larry Seward) (11/13/86)


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Subject: "Vaxima" available from NESC
Cc: fateman@dali.Berkeley.EDU, jeo@lanl.arpa

A version of Macsyma for the VAX computer, including sources and binaries
for Macsyma and the underlying Lisp (Franz Lisp opus 38.91), is in the
National Energy Software Center library. (Argonne, IL.)
(312) 972-7172. This should run without change on 4.3BSD UNIX or ULTRIX.
This version, which was developed at the University of California, has
also been run, with modifications, on various other (non-VAX) systems
which support the Franz Lisp dialect.  For information on Franz Lisp
for VAX/VMS or other computers, you might wish to contact your hardware
vendor or Franz Inc. in Alameda CA, (415) 769-5656. (for many mainframe
and workstation computers)
Vaxima uses about 4.5 megabytes of address space to start up, and
as configured, can grow to 6.5 megabytes or so. By changing a compile-time
parameter in the Lisp system, the system may be configured to grow much
larger. (We have run a 53 megabyte system on a VAX 8600).
At UC Berkeley we have been using this code on Sun-2 and Sun-3 systems,
and microVAX-II's. 

Vaxima is quite fast when given enough physical memory, and appears at this time
to be very cost-effective compared to implementations on special-purpose 
Lisp machines or "DOE-MACSYMA" for VAX/VMS.

There are a number of packages that have been developed to work with this
program (e.g. user interfaces, better algorithms for factoring, graphics,
an interface to the Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG) library).

Vaxima is not supported by UC Berkeley nor by NESC. 

   Richard J. Fateman, U.C. Berkeley