[sci.math.symbolic] Vadvise On Sun OS 3.2

km@emory.uucp (Ken Mandelberg) (07/15/87)

We just got a copy of Macsyma from Symbolics for a 4 Meg Sun 3.
I was suprised that it ran fairly slowly (slower than a microvax)
and traced it to a lot of heavy paging. Macsyma is really a
big Lisp program and Symbolics uses a port of Franz Lisp to
the Sun.

One thing that struck me was that I did not see the vadvise
VA_ANOM flag on in a ps, which BSD uses to live with Lisp's
random page references. First, I thought that Symbolics had
for some reason deleted the vadvise and that was the problem.

So as an experiment I wrote a tiny C function to turn on 
vadvise and used Lisp's C interface (cfasl) to load and then
run it. I found that the VA_ANOM flag still did not show in 
a ps. Just to be sure I ran the same tiny function standalone
and VA_ANOM did show in a ps.

So for some reason Sun OS ignores vadvise when Lisp runs.
That does not happen on the Vax (quite the opposite). I've
checked the kernel source for Sun OS, and it seems to follow
BSD without change.

Any ideas?
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