[sci.math.symbolic] Russell's paradox

ladkin@kestrel.ARPA (Peter Ladkin) (07/28/87)

In article <853@daimi.UUCP>, jnp@daimi.UUCP (J|rgen N|rgaard) writes:
> Zermelo Fraenkels axioms for sets (should) prevent(s) sets to be defined
> that way. A reference might be North Hollands Handbook of ... mathematics 
> (I think it is called).

Handbook of Mathematical Logic, edited by Barwise, published by
North-Holland. An excellent reference for logic in general.
Another one for Set Theory in particular is Fraenkel/Bar-Hillel/Levy's
Foundations of Set Theory (a new edition is in print, and so the
author list might have changed for this).

peter ladkin