[sci.math.symbolic] Unification benchmarks?

bts@unc.cs.unc.edu (Bruce Smith) (09/22/87)

Does anyone have a good set of unification problems?  I want to run
simulations of unifications on an architecture being developed here
at UNC, and I'd like a set of "typical" problems. (And, I guess I'd
also like to be able to say I'm not the only one who claims they're

A paper by Trum and Winterstein, referenced by Martelli & Montanari,
might have what I'm looking for.  Can anyone supply a copy of

    Trum P. and Winterstein,G. "Description, implementation and
    practical comparison of unification algorithms," Internal Rep.
    6/78, Fachbereich Informatik, Univ. of Kaiserlautern, Germany.

Other references on this topic are welcome, also.  Thanks!
Bruce T. Smith, bts@unc.cs.unc.edu
Dept. of Computer Science
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