[sci.math.symbolic] T3 Technical Word Processing Mailing List

emigh@ncsugn.ncsu.edu (Ted H. Emigh) (06/18/88)

I am starting a mailing list of persons interested in the WYSIWYG technical
word processor T3 (the 3 is superscripted, so it is pronounced T-cubed).

T3 is a word processor running on IBM/PCs and clones that is designed to make
writing mathematical papers easier.  This mailing list can be used as a means
of sharing the macros you write, or of asking (and hopefully getting the
answers to) various questions about T3.  Rumors are also welcome!

If you are interested in this mailing list, please send a request to be added
to the list to:

DOMAINS or ARPA:	t3-request@ncsugn.ncsu.edu
UUCP:			t3-request@ncsugn.uucp
BITNET:			t3-request%ncsugn@MCNC.UUCP

Ted H. Emigh, Dept. Genetics and Statistics, NCSU, Raleigh, NC
uucp:	mcnc!ncsuvx!ncsugn!emigh	internet:  emigh%ncsugn.ncsu.edu
BITNET: NEMIGH@TUCC                  @ncsuvx.ncsu.edu:emigh@ncsugn.ncsu.edu