[sci.math.symbolic] Mathematica on a 4Meg Mac+

bill@hao.ucar.edu (Bill Roberts) (08/08/89)

This may have been addressed before but I have since forgotten. Does anyone
out there have Mathematica running on a Mac+ with 4Meg of memory?  I have
a Mac+ with 4Meg and a 20Meg hard disk and would like to have mathematica.
The question is, is it worth the $400.00?  Or would Maple be a better deal.
But since we will have Mathematica running on one of our Sun4s soon I'm leaning
toward Mathematica.  The types of things I'm interested in are the standard
differential equations, partials, integrals, Legendre polynomials, Bessel
functions, spherical harmonics, and tensor manipulation.  Of course, I like
to get as much out of the graphics as possible too.

Can I get 3D graphics on a Mac+?  Can I do most of the stuff described in
Wolfram's book?

Thanks in advance for any response...


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