[sci.math.symbolic] Any PD symbolic algebra package

jaysun@saurez.eng.clemson.edu (Jay) (08/28/89)

I have just found sci.math.symbolic so this may be a well
known question for this news group. I am interested in obtaining
a PD software package to do symbolic manipulations.

Solving simultaneous equations is my main goal but anything
smaller (multiplication, addition, etc.) will give me something 
to work on.  I am hoping to get sources in C for SUN's but 
other platforms are acceptable.  As far as the language, I am 
hoping to be able to stick to C or some other common language.

Short of finding sources, does anyone have any good suggestions
for a good language to write something of this sort in.  The 
types of equations I will be solving will be known in advance
so there is not a need for "solve all" software. In other words,
if bugs exist in the software, I can work around them.

BTW  I know of Mathematica and Maple but I do not want to depend
on having these around in future years.

Any suggestions welcome.

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