[sci.math.symbolic] poor lowly PC user seeks symbolic manipulator

tim@nwnexus.WA.COM (Tim Anderson) (12/12/89)

Thanx for all of the response! WOW!

Of the responses that I received most went like:

Try "Derive" from the SoftWarehouse.

Try "PC Macsyma", "MathCAD", "TeX", "Mathematica", "Reduce" from Micro-
Math systems, Look in PD1:<MSDOS.CALCULATOR>, Look at grape@acs.
clarkson.edu for "mathtext", and finally "Maple".

Thanx again for all the responses! I will nose about on simtel for awhile
before coughing up for anything at Egghead. Now if I can only get the
trickle server to send me a 355K file... (hee - hee!)