[sci.math.symbolic] Generating Source Code out of Algebra

cammerdl@camme.UUCP (R. De Langhe CAMME project) (08/17/90)

Hello world !

On our site, lots of scientists are developping modeling programs to
simulate all kinds of hydrodynamical systems like oil-slick evolution,
wave-height predictions, etc.
The problem for these guys, as for all scientists using computers I guess,
is that they are stuck to that little bit of programming languages they
know : FORTRAN. Creating code that runs under every input data, produces
results, or even results that might be correct, takes several weeks per
tiny peace of code.

I was thinking that the biggest problem for them is : converting their
(often genious) algebra-solutions for a given model, into some
programming language like FORTRAN they're not used to 'speak'.

Would it not be much more easy and efficient if these scientists could
use an algebra-like programming language, in which they can easily recognize
errors, or proof correctness of an algorithm, etc. and let some kind of a
source-code generator parse their expressions into C (or FORTRAN) ?
The resulting program would even be quite efficient, because the
problems they study involve often many thousands of matrix-elements to
compute (on a supercomputer).

Therefore I'd like to ask for opinions about this problem, and if someone
has developped or has under development such algebra-syntax parser/code

The machines we are working which all run under UNIX bsd 4.2 and have
(vectorising) C and FORTRAN compilers.

Please email your opinions and suggestions to me.

Thanks !