[sci.math.symbolic] Does Mathematica's Debug work on the Next?

geoff@desint.itcorp.com (Geoff Kuenning) (12/02/90)

I tried Debug[...] from the Next front end, and the front end decided that
the kernel was stuck in "Running...".  I had to quit the kernel to recover.
This made debugging MUCH harder than it should have been.

Are there known bugs in the interaction of the front end with Debug?  It
seems that the front end should be able to handle cases where the
Mathematica kernel needs input, such as in Debug[] and Read[].  Is this
a fundamental restriction?  I guess I could have gone into Unix mode and
done my debugging, but I hate to lose the wonderful features of the
window-based front end.
	Geoff Kuenning   geoff@ITcorp.com   uunet!desint!geoff