[sci.math.symbolic] math. classes?

elmroth@galois.math.chalmers.se (Tony Elmroth) (11/27/90)

Are there any good libraries of mathematical classes for C++? 
For other object oriented languages?

Sincerly yours

Tony Elmroth

elmroth@mathsun1.math.chalmers.se (Tony Elmroth) (12/10/90)

Please can anyone how have use any of the following libraries 
send me a note telling if he thinks that library is useful.

  Math++ v 2.0  from Triakis Inc, New Mexico, Tel: 505-672-3180.
  M++           from Dyad Software Corporation, Texas, Tel: (512) 343-5037
  M++           from Ansys Software Co., Washington, Tel: (206) 228-3170
  Maht.h++      from Rogue Wave Associates, Oregon, Tel: (503) 745-5908

I will summarize any responses to the net.
(This note is also a summary of my previous question about math. classes.)

Sincerely yours

Tony Elmroth

arc@mundoe.maths.mu.OZ.AU (Andrew Conway) (12/10/90)

I am looking for some pre-made maths classes, specifically for handling

	1) Polynomials
	2) Extra high precision Floating Point (not rational)

Are there any PD classes around? I tried to get the OOPS classes on 
prep.ai.mit.edu, but I could not find them. Any help would be
very much appreciated.

Andrew Conway