[sci.math.symbolic] Can IslandDraw read Mathematica postscript files ?

oliveria@caen.engin.umich.edu (ROQUE DONIZETE DE OLIVEIRA) (05/10/91)

I'm using IslandDraw 2.1 on a sun. It can open many postscript files (plain or EPS)
but it cannot handle a  Mathematica-generated postscript file (I guess the
prologue is just terrible, specially the MathScale). Mathematica is version 1.2. 
Does anyone know what needs to be done (if possible) to the prologue of the
Mathematica-generated postscript file (similar to what is usually done
to use MacDraw-generated postscript files with Latex/psfig) so that IslandDraw
can read it ?


   Roque Oliveira