[sci.math.symbolic] how to import Mathematica postscript files into Island Graphics

oliveria@caen.engin.umich.edu (ROQUE DONIZETE DE OLIVEIRA) (05/24/91)

I recently posted a message about not being able to import Mathematica-generated
postscript files into IslandDraw version 2.1. Quite a few people replied to me 
but only one suggestion worked. It came from the developers of IslandDraw.
Since I believe more people can benefit from this information, I include it here:

  >>  We received information concerning the problem you were having bringing
  >>  Mathematica PostScript files into IslandDraw.  The engineers have 
  >>  returned a description of the problem, and a work around, which I am
  >>  including at the end of this mail message.
  >>  In general, the problem is that the PostScript files are converted to
  >>  the .vec format, but are missing one last ')' character at the end of 
  >>  the .vec file.  Note that this will not be a problem in our version 3.0.
  >>  For clarification, IslandDraw does not itself contain a PostScript
  >>  interpreter; rather, a PostScript interpreter is included as part of the
  >>  entire Island Graphics software.  The interpreter is outside of IslandDraw
  >>  because it is also used by IslandWrite.
  >>  Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions or need
  >>  additional information.
  >>  Cordially,
  >>  Vickie Robarts
  >>  Manager, Island Graphics Technical Support
  >>  Office Products Division
  >>  (800) 255-4499
  >>  sse@island.COM
  >>  --------------------------------------------------------------------
  >>  The Solution:
  >>  --------------------------------------------------------------------
  >>    Here is a work around that can be used until the problem is corrected:
  >>    1.  At the command line type in:
  >>        $IOFFICE/bin/ps-to-vec.wrap Mathematica.ps outputfile.vec
  >>        where Mathematica.ps is the name of your Mathematica PostScript
  >>        file, and outputfile.vec is the name to give the resulting file.
  >>    2.  Now edit outputfile.vec with vi (or whatever) and place a ')'
  >>        character at the very end of the file.
  >>    That's it, Draw should now be able to load the .vec file.

     Roque Oliveira