[sci.math.symbolic] New version

dan@chem.bu.edu (Dan Dill) (06/28/91)

A new version (1.31) of TeX/Mathematica is available by anonymous ftp from
chem.bu.edu ( in directory /pub/tex-mathematica.

TeX/Mathematica is a set of tools that provide facilities of Mathematica
Notebooks in a UNIX environment, under GNU Emacs.  They permit interaction
between a text and a Mathematica buffer and, if desired, the use of
TeX/LaTeX to annotate Mathematica-based explorations and programs.  Inclusion
of Mathematica-generated graphics in TeX/LaTeX documents printed using
PostScript is supported.  The tools also support the automatic generation of
Mathematica packages from TeX/Mathematica documents, using a WEB-like notation.

With these tools one can interactively develop and refine teaching and
research documents. The interactive nature of the tools encourages
Mathematica-based exploration as a natural part of the writing process.

The new features of this version pertain to cells that are part of Mathematica
packages: (1) individual cells containing package references are now assembled
on the fly and sent to Mathematica, and (2) output can now be captured into
such cells, but with such output ignored in package assembly.  With these
changes, cells that contain cell references behave as ordinary Mathematica
cells as far as communication with Mathematica is concerned.  A related new
feature is that the delimiter between the input and output portions of
Mathematica cells has been changed to a non-blank line, so that the input
portion of package cells can continue to contain blank lines, to control
spacing between package components.  The output marker can be easily changed,
using the new function tex-mma-convert-output-marker.

Comments, etc. always welcome.


Dan Dill