[soc.culture.misc] Survey of Software Professionals

harry@ucbarpa.Berkeley.EDU (Harry I. Rubin) (05/04/87)

       Survey of Software Professionals and Students
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     We are conducting a survey  of  software  professionals
and students as part  of  a study at the University of Cali-
fornia, Berkeley, Graduate School  of  Business  Administra-
tion.   If  the main focus of your job or schoolwork is com-
puter software in any aspect, please help us by filling  out
the  brief questionnaire.  With the information you provide,
we will be able to better  understand  the  motivations  and
behaviors  of  software professionals.  Pre-tests have shown
that the questionnaire only takes 10-15 minutes to complete.
Your answers will remain completely private.

     The complete questionnaire has been posted to the news-
groups  comp.misc  and  misc.jobs.  Please look it up there,
fill it in, and mail it back to us.  If you cannot  get  the
questionnaire  from one of those newsgroups, send me mail at
one of these addresses:


and I will send the questionnaire to you.

     Thank you very much for your help.

				    Edward F. Hernandez and Harry I. Rubin