[soc.culture.misc] sci.psychology???

todd@uhccux.UUCP (The Perplexed Wiz) (01/08/88)

The article below was posted to a number of 'primary' groups.  If you are
interested in creating a newsgroup devoted to psychology (as described
below), please MAIL me your vote.
It's been at least three or four years since I last saw an attempt to
create a newsgroup devoted to psychology.  So, I thought I'd test the
waters once more.  A few weeks ago, I tested the waters by asking the
readers of sci.med if they would be interested in a new group called
'sci.psych'.  I received about a dozen 'yeas' and no 'nays' in
response to that water testing query.

If created, I see 'sci.psych' as a group for discussions that are in
the cracks between: comp.ai, comp.cog-eng, misc.kids, misc.legal,
news.groups, sci.bio, sci.lang, sci.math.stat, sci.med, sci.misc,
sci.philosophy.tech, sci.research, soc.college, soc.culture.misc,
soc.misc, talk.philosophy.misc.

'sci.psych' would be a forum for discussions on topics such as visual
illusions and their explanations; psychopathology [etiology,
diagnosis, treatment, etc.]; cognitive development theories and their
implications for child rearing, education, and artificial
intelligence; the difference between the legal definition of insanity
and the psychological "definitions" of mental disorder; animal
communication; the problems in selecting appropriate statistical tests
in social-behavioral studies and experiments; intelligence testing;
cross-cultural differences...etc.

If you are interested in seeing a newsgroup where discussions such as
these can take place, please MAIL ME YOUR VOTES (please, do not post
your votes to any of the newsgroups!) before February 8.  The USENET
voting convention requires that there be at least 100 more 'yea' votes
than 'nay' votes, so please vote if you would like to see 'sci.psych'

[BTW: I was told that there is an INET group called 'sci.psychology'
which some USENET sites already receive.  If 'sci.psych' is created, I
would be interested in seeing an INET feed from 'sci.psychology' into

Please mail your votes to one of the addresses given below.
Thank you...todd

Todd Ogasawara, U. of Hawaii Faculty Development Program
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