[soc.culture.misc] VOTE on politics in soc.culture.celtic

jha@lfcs.ed.ac.uk (Jamie Andrews) (11/07/88)

     Recently some people have been voicing some concern about
the heavy volume of postings in soc.culture.celtic concerning
politics, particularly the situation in Northern Ireland.

     As Usenet is an anarchistic bulletin board system, the
standard procedure in cases like this is to have a vote.
There can be no enforcement of the results of such a vote, but
posters are encouraged to follow the wishes of the net for the
good of the community.  I therefore propose that we have a vote
on the following statement.

       "Posters to soc.culture.celtic should avoid
        discussing the present political situation in
        Northern Ireland, due to the high volume of
        irresolvable debate it generates."

     I will collect votes on this coming from the UK and Europe
(YES if you think people should avoid these issues, NO if you
think they shouldn't).  My address is:


People who want to volunteer to collect votes from North
America, please email me and I will post an address.  I hope
that my non-involvement in the debate for so long will convince
people that I am capable of doing all this neutrally.

     Please, folks, no discussion about this posting or the
wording of the statement, just vote.

--Jamie Andrews.
"Where on your palm is my little line"