[soc.culture.misc] That Vote -- North American Collection Point

jha@lfcs.ed.ac.uk (Jamie Andrews) (11/23/88)

     Trish O Tuama has agreed to be the collection point for
North American votes on my proposition.  (She may not be
entirely prepared for this... :-)) Several people from North
America sent me votes despite my asking them not to; I will
forward those to Trish.  The wording of the statement again:

       "Posters to soc.culture.celtic should avoid
        discussing the present political situation in
        Northern Ireland, due to the high volume of
        irresolvable debate it generates."

YES if you think people should avoid these issues, NO if you
think they shouldn't.  On the suggestion of several people,
if you want, you could answer some further questions:
  (a) If it turns out that a newsgroup for discussing these
      issues (say talk.politics.ireland) CAN be made to reach
      Europe, would you be in favour of the creation of such
      a group?
  (b) Even if it turns out that such a newsgroup CANNOT be
      made to reach Europe, would you be in favour of its

Trish's address is:


     Just a few words about this whole thing.  (a) I asked,
and **continue to ask**, for no discussion solely because I
wanted to avoid this degenerating into another meta-meta-debate.
(b) Since it seems to matter to some people, I am a Canadian of
mainly Scots (but some English and Irish) descent, now studying
in Edinburgh.  (c) The posters who are trying to derive my views
on the political debate are going to have some trouble, since I
don't know what my views are myself!

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