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                                                  F O R
                                             I M M E D I A T E
                                              R E L E A S E
                                              April 20, 1989
        * * * *  S P E C I A L   A N N O U N C E M E N T  * * * *
     UNITEX is proud to announce that we have official sanction from
     the Tibet government (New York Tibet Office) to carry news and
     information released offically by Tibet in the form of Press Releases,
     Special Announcement and other related news concerning Tibet and the
     current politcal situation,  especially relating to Human Rights
     Issues, Amnesty International, and other related political topics
     of international interest.
     Through the combined efforts of UNITEX and contributions from
     System Enhancements Associates (SEA) in the form of electronic
     mail systems utilizing SEAdog and SEA technology along with
     individual support from Indira Singh, Contributing Editor and
     Liaison to to Tibet Office; Rinchen Dharlo, Head of New York
     Officeof Tibet and Thinley Nyanduk, Senior Press & Information
     Officer from The Office of Tibet, the 'Voice of Tibet' will be
     sounded around the world.
     The UNITEX conference, via all its links in the PC networks
     (FidoNet, RBBSnet, AlterNet) plus Fredmail (Educational Network
     on Apple Pc's), PeaceNet, The Web (Canada), Usenet, Bitnet
     and all the postings UNITEX does to individual Usenet news groups
     throuh the efforts of Patt Haring, Senior Editor for UNITEX
     bring the combined reader-base to over one million people.
     We will soon have our conference on the NYCENET System in NYC
     which, in addition to the usual conference message base will have
     all our information stored on the Grollier Database. This will
     allow keyword searches on topices of interest, queried access, plus
     a host of other powerful search algorithms.  All boroughs of the
     New York City School System, including students, teachers and those
     with special accounts will have access to this data.  Regarding
     access to NYCENET, UNITEX will post a separate bulletin on this
     topic in a few weeks.
     As you read this announcement, several postings from Tibet have
     already been made into this conference.  As always, any information
     you post relating to Tibet should be useful, informative, perhaps
     helpful and most importantly, non-flamatory in nature.
     Thank you for your understanding.
.     James Waldron, UNITEX Moderator .  .     Executive Director
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