[soc.culture.misc] CALL FOR DISCUSSION : misc.headlines.unitex

patth@ccnysci.UUCP (Patt Haring) (05/11/89)

This is a posting to discuss the creation of a moderated new group
called misc.headlines.unitex.  UNITEX now distributes information to
over 50 individual systems via a mailing list.  This has been an
ongoing effort for almost one (1) full year and it appears that the list is
growing rapidly due to reader interest.

UNITEX disseminates information obtained from original United Nations
databases in New York, Geneva and Vienna.  The information consists of
UN Press Releases, International News from and about developing
nations, World Health News, discussions from special committees and the
General Assembly, particularly in the areas of international
information access, the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UNISPACE) and
Disarmament, News and information from UNICEF, Human Rights Issues,
Department of Defense Postings, Special NASA Bulletins, Disaster Relief
News (UNDRONET) as well as other related international news.

In addition, UNITEX has recently been issuing Press Releases on the
Tibet human rights issue. UNITEX has received official sanction from
the Tibet government-in-exile to this.  A New York Office has been set
up by the government-in-exile.

Due to the sensitive nature of international issues as it relates to
'diplomacy' and the tactful use of language, it is recommended that
this conference be moderated. It is *not* a read-only news group but
one should exercise judgement and diplomacy when making statements to
the issues raised or making general inquires.  Thoughtful discussion on
topical material is certainly welcome.

The mailing list is maintained with the help of Michael Keyles
(Michael.Keyles@rubbs.uucp), and Dr. James Waldron

Patt Haring (patth@ccnysci.UUCP) will act as moderator with Mike
and Jim acting as co-moderators.

We would like to put this up discussion for all readers for the
required two week period of time after which we will CALL FOR VOTES.  
Please direct any questions to: 
   patth@ccnysci.BITNET (or patth@ccnysci.UUCP) or
   Michael.Keyles@rubbs.uucp or

Thank you for your interest.

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