[soc.culture.misc] Support Chinese Protesters On Tian-An-Men Square, Beijing, China

phjg507@uta3081.cc.utexas.edu ( Ping Chen ) (05/25/89)


Chinese students, workers, and intellectuals  in  peaceful,  non-
violent  demonstrations  are  risking their lives and  livelihood
by laying down in the  paths of  tanks,  trucks  and soldiers for
freedom and democracy. They are doing this for:

	o    Human Rights 
	o    Freedom of the Press  
	o    Freedom of Speech
	o    Freedom of Religion 
	o    Freedom of Assembly

This is an history-making, world-shaking event.  Time is crucial.
Strong  action  and  support  is  needed if we are to achieve our
aims. Freedom and Democrcay are never a regional issue;  They are
always a world issue, a goal of all human beings.

Please  help  contribute  to a  better and more peaceful world for
all of our children, to a better future for Chinese people and all
the human kind.

For any questions, please contact:

	Jin Dai:        (512)-443-7819 (H); (512)-471-1606 (O)  
        Hong-Jun Yang:  (512)-445-4398 (H); (512)-471-1323 (O)
        Ying Tang:      (512)-474-8348 (H); (512)-462-6485 (O)
For those who wish to contribute by check or money order,  please
make  it out to CSSA (Chinese Students & Scholars Assocation) and
mail it to P.O. Box 8619 / Austin, Tx. 78713.*

*  This is a special bank account that has  been  taken  out  for
political reforms in China.

Ping Chen, (Ph.D.)
512-476-3715 (H)
512-471-7253 (O) 
(Article sent out by UT Chinese Longhorn Club)