[soc.culture.misc] Chinese Democracy Day

gordon@island.uu.net (Gordon Kio) (06/26/89)

The Democracy Day Association is coordinating a national effort to designate
July 1st as a day of commemeration for the students who died in Tian An Men.
Presently, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Phoenix, and New York are all planning
events on this day. In addition, we would like to coordinate a simultaneous
ten minutes of silence to pay hommage to the chinese students. This will
begin at 4:00 pm EST.

We hope that people in other cities who are interested in holding a rally on 
this day will contact us. We want these events to be wide spread enough to 
attract media attention in the hope that it will reach the Chinese people.

Democracy Day Association
Robin Endres

Please contact us at (415)524-1431 or e-mail to this address.

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