[soc.culture.misc] Call For Discussion about creating soc.culture.asean

underdog@portia.Stanford.EDU (Dwight Joe) (10/04/89)

In article <KIM.89Oct3204513@watsup.waterloo.edu> kim@watsup.waterloo.edu (T. Kim Nguyen) writes:
| Perhaps it is my bias towards Vietnam and my distaste for
|ASEAN's condemnation of Vietnam's occupation of Kampuchea (along with
|the US and UN condemnations, in spite of the accepted evidence of the
|Khmer Rouge's slaughter of their fellow countrymen).

You are quite right.  The figures vary, but one figure that I have seen
puts the slaughter at 1/3 of the population.

BTW, here we have a similar comparison that the exists between Chiang-Kai Shek
and Deng.  Neither are good or even acceptable in comparison with
a leader like President Bush.  However, Deng is a lesser evil than
Chiang-Kai Shek.                                  ^^^^^^

Similarly, the Vietnamese government's control of Cambodia is a lesser
evil than the Khmer Rouge's control of Cambodia.                ^^^^^^

a503049@sakura.cc.tsukuba.ac.jp (uts) (10/06/89)

 Looking at and thinking about Asia is a importent issue for present time.
Setting a new newsgroup and exchanging views is a good idea!

gan@herky.cs.uiowa.edu (Kok Siew Gan) (10/09/89)

>cultural affairs rather than political.  And for that, naming it
>s.c.asean is really too exclusive. 
>If Harish insists on naming it asean, he should move over to
>talk.politics or something. 

I don't believe all this fuss about the name. From the of mails I read, I 
think it's safe to say that most people don't want a newsgroup fully
dedicated to political issues in soc.culture and asean may imply a 
political organization to some people. So most people would vote for
Also, Harish does not sound like he wants the Indochina countries to be
included in s.c.asean but in his proposal suggested including them later.
Why not include them now?
As someone who have just recently started using USENET, the best name would
be one that is easiest to understand. Names of individual countries like
s.c.china etc. are best but since we are talking about several countries
the obvious name would be based on the geographical location,
s.c.[se-asian | asian.southeast]. So enough with all this fuss. 

Now, stop bugging all the other culture newsgroup and take a vote!!!!!

Once the newsgroup is up, we can discuss whether ASEAN is a political