[soc.culture.misc] Don't mislead others

hac@ix1.cc.utexas.edu (Alejandro A Hu-Quixote) (10/29/89)

In message <1254@uvaarpa.virginia.edu> randall@uvaarpa.Virginia.EDU (Randall Atkinson) writes:
>I am not ignorant about SE Asia or the ASEAN countries nor have I
>any particular axe to grind tonight.

Are you not ignorant only because you say so? Prove it.

>  I voted NO to soc.culture.asean
>and encourage others to do likewise because SEVERAL reasonable alternative
>names were proposed and a strong consensus became clear in the
>official discussion period that the name was widely thought to be
>a poor choice.

Reasonable alternative? A strong consensus? Poor choice? That is
only your and a few other's opinion. The majority of the net won't
think the same way as you do. There are hundreds of ASEAN citizens
who think that soc.culture.asean is the proper choice. Their absence
from lobbying in news.groups doesn't give you a permit to speak as
if Usenet belonged to you and your friends.

I take this opportunity to tell other netters that they should not
listen to the misleading "encouragements." Think twice before you
vote, whatever your choice may be. Especially to the subscribers of
soc.culture.misc, let me tell you in advance that, should the creation
of soc.culture.asean stumble, soc.culture.misc will be flooded with
endless discussions on ASEAN culture.

Alex Hu
for the creation of a liberal and unbiased soc.culture.asean