[soc.culture.misc] To the foes of Harish Pillay

hac@ut-emx.UUCP (Alejandro A Hu-Quixote) (10/30/89)

In article <1989Oct29.073859.14887@uunet!unhd> st@unhd.UUCP (Sriram) writes:
>Ah! Mr. Key-hoe-tey such intelligence. So Mr. Raj is an indian and he
>posted something you didn't like. Hence a great suggestion - flood 
>SCI. Not every Indian or SCIer might or mightnot agree with Mr. Raj 

Mr. Sriram must be kidding, how could I possibly flood SCI without
many others participating in the discussions? My statements should
not be taken literally. It was intended to be a reminder such that
the readers think carefully before voting. Not every SCI reader
might or might not think as critically as Mr. Sriram, he or she
might make a reckless vote based on the arguments of Mr. Raj.

>notwithstanding, your puerile suggestion stinks of bigotry. Henceforth 
>keep your intelligent suggestions to yourself will you?

Yes, I am a bigot especially toward Indians. So keep me away from SCI by
sending your YES vote for soc.culture.asean to harish@ece.orst.edu. If
soc.culture.asean passes, the only Indian who will suffer from my bigotry
is Harish Pillay. You hate him so much, so why not vote YES and make him
feel miserable?

>Now you may fight the windmills...

I am always ready.

Alex Hu
for the creation of a liberal and unbiased soc.culture.asean