[soc.culture.misc] To all the foes of Harish Pillay

unhd (Sriram) (10/31/89)

In article <20267@ut-emx.UUCP> hac@emx.utexas.edu (Alejandro A Hu-Quixote) writes:
>Mr. Sriram must be kidding, how could I possibly flood SCI without
>many others participating in the discussions? My statements should
>not be taken literally. It was intended to be a reminder such that

Oh! sure you can't flood SCI but you beckoned others to do so.
Frankly, you tire me mister. Yup you were a good enough reason 
to vote NO. Continue on the same track and s.c.asean won't come 
through. With people like you canvassing Harish doesn't need foes.
BTW, I could care a diddly bit if you contribute to SCI or anyother 

>Yes, I am a bigot especially toward Indians. So keep me away from SCI by
>sending your YES vote for soc.culture.asean to harish@ece.orst.edu. If
>soc.culture.asean passes, the only Indian who will suffer from my bigotry
>is Harish Pillay. You hate him so much, so why not vote YES and make him
>feel miserable?

Cute. Go ahead please treat us to more of your humour (sorry verbal diarrhea).
I have nothing against Harish, infact he posted a sensible rejoinder to all 
those people who were against s.c.asean. I even considered calling for
a "no" vote to be in bad taste. Now in retrospect that seems ok. 

Waiting to see more of your daily threats and blandishments...

For what it is worth, (atleast for the sake of more sensible people
like Harish pillay and Himawan Gunadhi) there is a book dealing
with this issue (not Sriram vs Alex Hu 8-) but ASEAN culture) called
"ASEAN identity, culture and politics" edited by R.P. ANAND, which I
strongly recommend for those interested.

>Alex Hu

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