[soc.culture.misc] Creation of soc.culture.pakistani

saeed@a.cs.okstate.edu (Saeed Faisel) (12/12/89)

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Subject:	Re: Creation of SOC.CULTURE.PAKISTANI

There is a large community of Pakistanis residing outside their beloved
country and a large number of them is studying in educational institutions
all over the world. They come from a rich and live culture blended both
with their religious as well as geographical background.

The new newsgroup is intended to serve the purpose of:

- a forum for them to express their views and feelings about the happennings
  around them;

- a newsline accross the the world which would outspread news and
  information of mutual interest;

- a cultural joint to which people from other cultures can refer to learn
  more about us Pakistanis.

- a common pool where newcomers to US or other foriegn countries can post
  their problems and seek for their solutions.

Suggestions on the Purpose and Charter of the new newsgroup are welcome.

NOTE:	This discussion will be continued until Jan 10, 1989.
	Please feel free to communicate your views and comments to this
	newsgroup and to the author.