[soc.culture.misc] Call For Vote: soc.culture.vietnamese

hho@castor.usc.edu (Hung P. Ho Jr.) (02/08/90)

[This message arrived February 8.  All votes to be mailed to one of the
 addresses listed below, and not to the moderator of
 news.announce.newgroups. -eliot]

	 for the creation of a Vietnamese newsgroup on USENET

NAME:  		soc.culture.vietnamese
MODERATION:	Unmoderated
RANGE:		worldwide via USENET

VOTING PERIOD:  00:00 PST February 05, 1990 to 00:00 PST February 26 1990.

   Votes must be sent VIA E-MAIL to the following address:
   	Internet:	hho@chaph.usc.edu
		or	hho@aludra.usc.edu
		or	hho@alcor.usc.edu
   	UUCP:		..usc!hho
	or reply to this message....
   Clearly indicate whether the vote is for (YES) or against (NO) the
   proposal. For example, if you are for the proposal then your vote
   should be something like 
	"I vote YES to the proposal to create soc.culture.vietnamese
					Your Full Name"
   or if you are against the proposal then your vote should be something like 
	"I vote NO to the proposal to create soc.culture.vietnamese
					Your Full Name"
   Conditional votes like "YES if ..." or "NO unless ..." votes are invalid
   and will not be counted. 
   Please do not post your vote in any of the newsgroups. Such votes are 
   invalid too. You MUST E-MAIL your vote. and DO NOT mail it to VIETNET.

   Votes received after the stated deadline will not be counted.

Members: Anyone with access to USENET
Purpose: To discuss subjects related specifically to Viet Nam & its culture.

 1.	The group is intended to be a medium for exchanging and discussing any
	information relating to Vietnamese culture, news, politics, geography,

 2.	It also aims at creating opportunities for exchanging knowledge 
	learning more about Vietnamese culture (custom, history, ...); sharing
	news relating to VietNam, Vietnamese refugees, and Vietnamese
	communities aboard; expanding friendships between Vietnamese Student
	Associations of various universities; assisting, encouraging and
	helping each others in education as well as in employment; making new
	friends among members, etc.

 3.	Posting is encouraged of all users worldwide with access to USENET.
	All postings must abide by the goals, purposes, rules, etiquette, 
	and regulations contained in the bylaws of USENET, which can be 
	found in news.announce.newusers.

 4.	Private discussions are highly encouraged to be carried through
	private channels.  If one has the "urge" to FLAME, please try to do so
	PRIVATELY!  Let's put ourselves in the other person's shoe -- it is
	quite embarassing "to be roasted" in front of the forum even if one
	does deserve it :-) Furthermore please take into consideration the
	fact that quite often, it is hard to fully express what a person
	thinks in writing, and sometimes things get phrased in not quite the
	right ways.  Doing so, we can keep things more friendly and
	constructive, preventing unnecessary misunderstanding and degeneration
	to less constructive messages.

 5.	Due to the wide range of subjects under soc.culture.vietnamese,
	a header should be included on the subject line to indicate the content
	of the message.  Proposed headers include [NEWS], [SOC], [TECH], or

   I will extract the identity of the voters from the e-mail votes from
   either the "Reply-To:" line (if present) or the "From:" line if it
   looks OK.
   The count will be your full name, your email address, and YES or NO.
   Personal acknowledgement will be reply to you within three days at most. 
   If within 3 days you haven't receive anything, please contact me.. DO NOT
   send in another vote..  

   At the completion of  the voting period, the vote tally and the email
   addresses, plus full name of the voters received will be posted to
   news.announce.newgroups, news.groups, and Vietnet so the newsgroup
   can be create...

 Thank you for reading this... Please distribute this message around the world.
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