bob@verdix.com (Bob Boulanger) (02/28/90)

                       CALL FOR VOTES - SOC.CULTURE.FRENCH

 This is the first formal "call for votes" for the creation of a world-wide,
 UNMODERATED soc.culture.french newsgroup on USENET.

 The discussion period for creation of soc.culture.french has already  
 ended and a lot of interest was observed during the discussion period.

  The proposed newsgroup is intended to generally provide a medium for those
 interested to express, share, and exchange their views, ideas, and feelings
 about France and French culture.

 Possible discussion issues include aspects of French
   - culture, history, philosophy, ideology, geography;
   - societies, traditions, customs;
   - literature, poetry, art, folklore;
   - languages, books;
   - science, technology;
   - food, cookery;
   - local events, news, programs, economy;
   - communities abroad, problems, needs; and
   - *things* normally discussed in the "soc.culture" newsgroups.

Postings may be in either English or French, but posters should bear in
mind, regardless of which language they post, that some readers may not be
able to read/translate your postings.

 To Vote, send e-mail to:
   OR simply reply to this message.

 Voting period will last from Feb 28th, until Midnight, March 20th, 1990.

 As per USENET newsgroup creation guidelines,
   - Votes MUST be explicit; they should be of the form "I vote (YES) for
     the creation of newsgroup soc.culture.french as proposed" or "I vote
     against (NO for) the creation of newsgroup soc.culture.french as
     proposed". The wording doesn't have to be exact, it just needs to be
     In particular, statements of the form "I would vote for this group
     if..." are considered COMMENTS and will NOT be counted as votes.
   - Only votes that arrive DURING the voting period will be counted.
   - ONLY votes E-MAILED to the vote-taker will count.
   - Votes POSTED to the net for any reason (including inability to get
     mail to the vote-taker) and proxy votes (such as having a mailing
     list maintainer claim a vote for each member of the list) will NOT
     be counted.
   - At the end of the voting period, if 100 more YES/create votes are
     received than NO/don't create votes AND at least 2/3 of the total
     number of valid votes received are in favor of the creation, a
     newgroup control message will be sent out. If the 100 vote margin
     or 2/3 portion is not met, the newsgroup will not be created.

I will post a weekly voting reminder.

 Bob Boulanger

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