[soc.culture.misc] WEST GERMANY -- anybody out there?

6600pete@ucsbuxa.ucsb.edu (GurgleKat [Pete Gontier]) (03/14/90)

Our school's student newspaper is sending representatives
to cover the various events in Eastern Europe. They need
a way to file their stories from somewhere in West Germany.
They are probably willing to drive pretty far to do so,
because otherwise they are going to have to fax their stuff
back or worse, try and get a clean line for their modem
all the way accross the Atlantic. E-mail across the
internet or via BitNet seems like their best option. If
anyone in Germany is willing to supply a temporary acount or
the temporary use of an account, I'm sure our newspaper staff
would appreciate it immensely.

If you can help the newspaper staff out, you can reach one
of the editors at one of the following address:
   InterNet : 6600jeff@ucsbuxa.ucsb.edu
   BitNet :   6600jeff@ucsbuxa
The Reply-To: field of this article points to the first address.
Even if you can't help out, a pointer to someone who might be
able to would be very good as well.

Thanks in advance,
                Pete Gontier, Kiwi Software; Kiwi's opinions not presented here
                             Editor, Macker, the Online Mac Programming Journal
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