[soc.culture.misc] French dictionary wanted

asylvain@felix.UUCP (Alvin "the Chipmunk" Sylvain) (02/13/91)

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 jnicolas@athena.mit.edu (Julien J Nicolas) writes:

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> > [yet a third someone writes:]

> > > Does anybody know if there exists a french/english, french/norwegian,
> > > french/swedish or french/danish dictionary somewhere? The dictionary
> > > should be a pure database or implemented in a program running under
> > > MS-DOS or UNIX.  Both commercial programs and public domain [...]

> > I too, would be interested in information of this sort, regarding any
> > and all languages, in fact.  So public posting might be useful for
> > others as well.

> This would be of interest to me too. So anyone in the know, please post
> to the newsgroup as well!

No, I'm not going to add yet another a "me-too" ... instead, I'm going
to suggest that you post your question to soc.culture.french, or any
other language you may have interest in.  After all, this net is world-
wide, and if anybody has such a thing, the nation of origin ought to be
a good place to start looking.

In fact, I'll do it for you.  I'm cross-posting this article to
soc.culture.french, soc.culture.german, and soc.culture.misc, with
follow-ups directed to comp.misc, so you can read the responses here.

Those of you in France, Germany, or wherever, who are reading this,
forgive me if I can't communicate in your native tongue.  Americans tend
to be very bad at other peoples' languages.  If you have the solution to
this problem, please post your response in English if possible, or at
least provide a translation.

Thanks in advance!
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