[soc.culture.misc] Info on EEUROWIN - support for Eastern European languages in Windows

william@la.excelan.com (William Hall) (03/26/91)

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Date: Mon, 25 Mar 1991 21:09:17 GMT

     EEUROWIN is a collection of keyboard tables, fonts, and
language modules which allows you to perform graphics and text
processing using Microsoft Windows 3.0 in Albanian, Czech,
Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Serbo-Croatian, and
     You will need a VGA, MCGA, or Compaq Plasma display.  An
extended (101/102) keyboard is recommended, although support is
also provided for AT and XT keyboards.  You will also need to
obtain a copy of the Bitstream Fontware Windows starter kit
(which is available from Bitstream, Inc for $25.00) in order to
make the necessary printer fonts.  However, if you have a 24-pin
dot matrix printer, the EEUROWIN fonts will suffice.
     Keyboard support includes standard IBM layouts for Eastern
Europe as well as modified U. S. versions with national language
support on the right ALT key.  Language support contains sorting
and casing tables as well as translation between Windows and the
underlying DOS code page.
     A copy of the software can be obtained from Bill Hall, 3665
Benton Street, #66, Santa Clara, CA. 95051, 408-241-6983.  A
small contribution to cover the cost of the disk, printing the
documentation, and postage would be helpful but is not necessary.