[soc.culture.misc] Which Language?

jack@dcs.glasgow.ac.uk (Jack Campin) (04/19/91)

marchi@gold.cchem.berkeley.edu (Massimo Marchi) wrote:
>> cockburn@system.enet.dec.com (Craig Cockburn) writes:
>> Portugal has at least one minority language (France 7, Italy 11).
> Well I am Italian. Since my last time over there (last January) we had
> only  4 minority languages:
> French  :  spoken in Val d'Aosta
> German  :  spoken in Alto Adige
> Ladin   :  spoken in the north Eastern Alps (I believe)
> Albanese:  spoken in remote areas in Southern Italy
> Maybe you can add the language spoken in Sardinia which is not just a
> dialect.

As I understand it, the inland and coastal dialects of Sardinia are mutually
incomprehensible to each other, let alone speakers of standard Italian.

Others: Friulian (round Venice), Slovenian (in the eastern Alps), Arabic (by
thousands of immigrants all over the place), Serbo-Croat (by Gypsies).

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