[soc.culture.misc] Labor Day

stank@cbnewsl.att.com (Stan Krieger) (05/03/91)

>What I was wondering about is if this is what happened in the U.S.
>too - i.e. was Labour Day once celebrated in the U.S. on May 1st? Perhaps 
>it might have been moved after the 1917 October revolution (in Russia May 
>1st immediately became a national holiday after the revolution, as far as 
>I know) to dissociate it from its socialist tradition? Or is it a more recent 
>holiday that was placed in September directly (for the same reason as above)?
>When was Labour Day first celebrated in the U.S.? France? Other countries?

I believe the first Labor Day in the U.S. was celebrated in the 1880's
or 1890's in New York City on the first Monday in September.

I also read that one of the factors that helped make it a national
holiday was that it extended the summer vacation season by a few days.  
Now the summer resort "season" officially ends on Labor Day instead of
on September 1 (which had been the case).
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