[uw.cgl] ICR Colloquium

ksbooth@watcgl.waterloo.edu (Kelly Booth) (09/07/89)

Massively Parallel Processing for Graphics

Dr. Frank Crow
Principal Scientist Palo Alto Research Center

Date:  Wednesday, September 13, 1989
Time:  3:30 pm DC 1302
Place: Davis Centre, Room 1302


Many architectures and algorithms have been proposed for applying
massively parallel methods to computer graphics.  In recent years the
onrush of technology has stampeded those of us who like to think about
such things from the realms of fantasy and wishful thinking to the
realm of the actually possible.  A few massively parallel graphics
systems have now actually been implemented.  We can expect to see many
more very soon.

Can we really expect to attain, through parallel systems, the six
orders of magnitude speedup necessary to produce today's most expensive
imagery in real time?  Answers may lie in looking at some current
approaches to massive parallelism in graphics and the bottlenecks they
leave.  It will also help to look carefully at what is required to make
images and how information must flow from shape descriptions to


The audience is invited to attend a wine & cheese reception at 4:30 pm
in the ICR Lounge (DC 1301) immediately after the colloquium.  This
will be in lieu of the customary coffee and squares prior to the
colloquium.  A selection of wine, beer, and non-alcoholic beverages
will be available, accompanied by fruit and cheese.  The reception is
hosted by the Institute for Computer Research, the Department of
Computer Science, and the Computer Graphics Laboratory.