[uw.cgl] Color Maps in Windowing Systems

anicolao@watcgl.waterloo.edu (Alex Nicolaou) (05/13/91)

 I recently read in some siggraph notes the quote:

	"Color maps are the spawn of the devil and I 
	 wish they'd go away"

cited from Personal Communication, J. Gosling, Saint James Infirmary
Good Time Saloon, 1987. 

 I'm inclined to agree given my recent problems with mixing color maps
and windowing systems. Yes, I know the IRIS has support for this, but nobody 
else does. If anyone can direct me to insightful sources of information 
on resolving color map problems for windowing systems on limited hardware,
or if you have some insights of your own that you'd like to share, please
send me some mail.