[net.sources.d] Jive & Apology

colonel@ellie.UUCP (Col. G. L. Sicherman) (04/21/86)

In article <269@hoqax.UUCP>, twb@hoqax.UUCP (BEATTIE) writes:
> Jeff raises an interesting point.
> He claims that
> > People of African heritage have not been allowed to really become
> > a part of our culture
> The point of the jive filter is that these AMERICANs (of African
> Heritage) have chosen to distinguish themselves from the American
> culture thru colloquial language (aka jive).

Not exactly -- they have chosen to use language creatively, to
let it grow easily.  If this distinguishes them from "standard"
American culture, so much the worse for standard American.

You may have noticed that most urban black people can speak "standard"
colloquial American when they want to, and many can speak textbook
English as well as you can.

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