[net.sources.d] NCR SCB Posted

duncan@ncrcae.UUCP (04/22/86)

	To all those people (some 75 so far) who sent me requests for 
	the NCR SCB Benchmark, many thanks.  I did not think there
	would be so many of you as interested in benchmarking as I am.

	As many of you have probably already noticed, I have posted the
	whole thing to net.sources.  I would appreciate it if everyone
	who requested the SCB would get it from the net.  For those of you
	who still need it on flex, would you please send me another request
	either by email or surface mail and I will send it to you.

	If anyone has improvements or comments on the SCB I would love to
	hear from you (I have a thick skin, so don't hold back).  Also, if
	anybody out there has a benchmark they want to share or have me test,
	send it on.

	Note:  There are several new benchmarks, I can't give you the names
	just yet, coming out in the next 3 to 6 months.  They look like they 
	will be very good multi-processor, multi-user benchmarks.  When I get
	my copies and have a chance to evaluate them I will give my impressions
	to the net.  These will not be public domain, but a lot of the major
	computer manufactors will probably want to get these benchmarks, we
	here at NCR Columbia will.

	Thanks again to everyone who requested the SCB.  I hope that most of
	you will keep your promises and send me either graphs or raw data.  I
	will post the raw data to the net in condensed form for all to share.