[net.sources.d] Newspaper generator

gancarz@decvax.UUCP (Mike Gancarz) (07/04/86)

====== Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we diet ======

I have an old newspaper story generator that I'm thinking of
posting to net.sources.games.  It takes two random personalities
(e.g., "President Reagan" and "Superman") and mixes their names
with some random news snippets (e.g., "was reportedly seen with",
"threw snowballs filled with rocks at").  The result is often
humorous and occasionally downright scandalous.  However, as long
as one keeps in mind that it is truly random and it's all in fun,
it can break the boredom of a long compilation.

The question is, are there any netters who would oppose the posting
of such a toy? I wrote 'valspeak' strictly as a joke, but it seems
that some took offense to it (and especially its ancestor, 'jive').
Soooo...depending on the yea's or nay's, I'll either post it or mail it.

-- Mike Gancarz

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