[net.sources.d] PD strtok

allbery@ncoast.UUCP (Brandon Allbery) (07/19/86)


Quoted from <2169@brl-smoke.ARPA> ["Re: strtok() routine for Sun 4.2BSD"], by gwyn@brl-smoke.ARPA (Doug Gwyn )...
| In article <740@aum.UUCP> freed@aum.UUCP (Erik Freed) writes:
| >Does anyone have a source to the strtok() routine. We need this SysV
| >routine to have on our Sun. Thanks in advance.
| Sure; do you have a UNIX System V (or III) source license?
| It shouldn't be at all hard to write the function from scratch,
| working from its specification (do you have a System V manual?).
| Perhaps I'll add this to the list of things I need to code up
| for the public domain.

There were PD implementations of all the sys3/sys5 string(3) functions
distributed with the last version of vsh posted to the net.  If nobody else
can find them, I'll go grubbing through my sources for them.

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