[net.sources.d] xinu sources

th@python.UUCP (T. Hartnett) (07/21/86)

I've seen alot of xinu requests floating accross the net lately.  I got
the book in mid-84 and typed in the source as I read the book.  From that
source, I got a version working on the 68K.

I was interested in dumping the source on the net, so I got in touch with
Doug Comer.  He was kind enough to provide a copy which I, in turn, compiled
and compared with the stuff I entered manually (a sanity check).

It's true that Prentice-Hall will (for a price) provide you with a machine
readable copy.  A copy of your site source license is required, not because
of xinu, but because P-H's distribution tape has a handful of proprietary
sources having to do with the lsi11 assembler and compiler (also on the

I'd be happy to post sources IF I could be sure I wouldn't be stepping on
any toes!  I welcome any comments or suggestions.

				tom hartnett
				... bellcore!python!th